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Brutal brawl breaks out at Disneyland Toontown

The supposed to be the happiest place on earth turns out a boxing arena by group of man and woman at Disneyland in California. A shocking footage shows two men and two women involved in the fight at Disney's Toontown.

Children can be heard crying, along with other park goers who's trying to stop the altercation.

The four-minute video shows a man in a pink shirt says, 'Don't disrespect my daughter...I don't give a f**k b**h', propting a woman in white shirt to spit in his face.

Then a massive brawl starts, where a man repeatedly hit her and a man next to her join, igniting the fight.

Children can be heard crying in the background as the two start punching each other. Bystander then flock to stop the man in pink who starts to hit the woman in brown with punches to her face, pulling him away and bring him to the ground.

Disney guards arrive and people involved in the fight were immediately escorted out of the park.

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