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Bunny's Grill A Must-Try Grilled Resto Serving Mouth-Watering Grilled Chicken BBQ In Bacolod

Perhaps the most popular food in Bacolod is their grilled chicken that it wouldn't be complete without a try while strolling the city of smile.

         Photo Credit: Dj MartizaKnows FB

When it comes to picking out the best grilled chicken barbecue in the city, its the tenderness, texture and flavor that counts.

We've always looking forward to this healthy treat as a go-to choice in restaurant menus. How do we know the best is out there, though? Well, we always looking for not only harmonious mix of flavors which is best complemented but also the great ambiance for everyone.

           Photo Credit: Dj MartizaKnows FB

BUNNY's Grill at San Juan Street Brgy. 10 in Bacolod is the new hide out that you're looking for. Aside from a lot of good food choices,they have also every night acoustic jam perfect to a bottle beer.

            Photo Credit: Dj MartizaKnows FB

        Photo Credit: Dj MartizaKnows FB

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