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CCTV footage captured Metrobank robbery in Binondo raise doubts from netizens

Manila, Philippines - Metrobank in Binondo branch was robbed before opening around 8:43 a.m., Thursday, July 11. Mayor Isko Moreno said all the bank employees are safe, but there's a possibility cash was taken.

The video that was shared on social media however raised doubt to the investigative mind of the viewers, when the seven suspects entered the bank while wearing caps and motorcycle helmets. 

“Sa mall pinapatanggal ang sumbrero pag papasok. Pero bakit yung naka helmet pinapasok?”

“Sigurado may kasabwat yan sa loob.”

 “Pag sa bank ung guard nsa labas tapos kinakatok ang pinto para buksan pa ng isang guard n nsa loob.” “Ngayon lang ako nakakita ng banko na wala'ng security guard sa labas”

 “I smell something fishy, nakapasok ng nakahelmet? Usually nakacap nga at shades pinapatanggal sau sa loob ng bangko eh” 

“Ngayon lang ako nakakita ng banko na wala'ng security guard sa labas”

However, the same feeling had gotten from the authorities and from Mayor Isko. He and the police said certain actions of the bank employees are questionable.

"No amount of rule — even BSP — cannot intervene in police operation or investigation... If you will not cooperate, especially we have doubts in our mind, kailangan ma-erase ang doubts ng policemen sa initial na impormasyon," the mayor said. 

Manila City Police Chief Brigadier General Vicente Danao Jr questioned why the security guards opened their doors well before the operating hours. He also wondered how the suspects knew where the CCTV footage was kept.

"Bakit nakapasok 'yung dalawa before banking hours which is 9 a.m.? Nakita niyo naman na nakapaskil sa pintuan. 'Yung dalawang suspect na nakapasok entered the premises around 8:43. Naka-helmet. Ang nakakapagtaka diyan bakit nakapasok sila nang before banking hours? Number 2, alam nila saan kukunin ang CCTV footage," Danao said.

Responding police officers were only allowed to enter the bank two hours after the incident when Manila Mayor Isko Moreno arrived at the scene, Danao explained.

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