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Don Quijote Japan's Discount Store Plans To Open Store In The Philippines?

The famous Japan's biggest discount store Don Quijote is reportedly expanding its empire to the Philippines. Don Quijote is probably familiar to people who's taking a trip to the Land of the Rising Sun.

       Photo from Don Quijote FB

The vacation isn't complete without stopping the store for bargain hunters who wants to secure quality discounted items such as gadgets, groceries, fashion, appliances, beauty product, and many more.

Currently, Don Quijote is operating branches in Singapore, Thailand, Hong Kong, and Hawaii. Don Quijote (also called "Donki") is reportedly ramping up its Asian expansion with planned stores in Hong Kong, Taiwan, Malaysia, and the Philippines.

The announcement came after the discount store chain launch a new shopping complex in Bangkok. 

Inside Japan, Don Quijote is operating stores over 300 branches.

No final details have been shared about the opening of Don Quijote in the Philippines, yet, we're all excited in advance!

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