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Vietnamese Children Dangerously Crossing The River While Ferried Inside The Plastic Bags To Reach The School

Attention children! Well, it's time to say thank you for the blessings that you have right now, because there are some people in the world that are struggling so hard just to survive and pursue their dreams.

       Photo: Vov

Just like the story of  these Vietnamese villagers that have been working together to send there children to school.

These kids in Huoi Ha, a remote village in Dien Bien province, Vietnam, has to risk their lives going to school every time there are strong rapids during the rainy season, according to Voice of Vietnam.

This is there life most of the year when the river floods during rainy season. Rafts made out of bamboo is the usual transportation they used to cross the rushing river. However, problems usually occur when current are too strong. 

     Photo: Vov

The father of the children had came up with a solution to put them into a plastic bag and carry them across the stream. 

      Photo: Vov

"Now this stream is very dangerous, my relatives usually take the children by raft but now cannot use it. I hope that the state will invest in suspension bridges soon for people to travel more conveniently," Mr Vo a Giong, the head of Huoi Ha village said.

         Photo: Vov

Ms. Nguyen Thi Thuy, Principal of Na Sang secondary school boarding school made an arrangement to the parents since, “The flood rains have divided Huoi Ha village,” she said. “From our school, there are more than 50 students in Huoi Ha village and so far, the teachers and parents have mobilized the children to attend classes the best they can.”

However, after surviving from crossing the dangerous river, the children and their parents still need to walk for five hours on a slippery terrain before they reach the school.

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