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2story Kitchen Has Amazing Cheesy and Spicy Korean Dishes You Must Try

Bacolod, Philippines - The craze with Korean restaurants has been rampant around the metro. Speaking of Korean food, people usually thought of samgyupsal on the grill with some colorful side dishes, but there's so much more to it than that! 

2story kitchen along the Circumferential Road, from Lopues East - beside SM Savemore is one of the Metro's most popular restaurants, will level up your Korean food craving with cheesy and spicy dishes that sure to make you come back for more. 

They have the traditional Korean street food Deokbokki, made from Korean rice cake spiced with pepper paste and several ingredients have been added like tempura, sausages, eggs, ramen and cheese.

Must-try their Bibimbap, bibim means "mixed" while bap means "rice". That's exactly what the dish has to offer - a mixture of steamed rice, meat, sauteed vegetables and a fried egg. Bibimbap is considered the ultimate comfort food and is found in every nook and cranny of Korea.

2story kitchen has a lot of surprises! Below are some of the food choices a must-try.

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