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This photo of stunning teacher went viral like crazy

There are teachers that scare you till death but there has to be a teacher in every school who ends up being your crush in your weirdest fantasies.

      Photo Screenshot From Twitter

Teacher Amalia Lin Cabangbang has become an instant internet sensation after her student put up her stolen photo in social media and she is truly justifying as one of the most gorgeous teacher in the Philippines.

This stunning photo of a teacher was taken by a Twitter user @artzelbrian during their class, has gone viral on social media. The stolen shot of teacher Amalia Lin Cabangbang was posted on the internet recently, and everyone is talking about how gorgeous she is.

The viral post has already boasts more than 70.5K likes and 4.3K Retweets, all of whom are willing to be her class teacher.

Another interesting bit about her is, we learned that teacher Cabangbang is not only beautiful in the outside but also in the inside, as she helps St. Anthony's Boys Village.

"Less than a week and our 4×3 Chocolate Dream Cake is back. You can get this for P180 only! All the proceeds will go to the interns of St. Anthony’s Boys Village,"  he wrote to one of her post.

On a separate tweet, she expressed her special thanks to people that shared there blessings.

"I wish to extend my heartfelt gratitude to everyone who bought our goodies! Today we donated 50 pcs of hygiene kits, 20 boxes of vitamins, and 1 sack of rice to St. Anthony Boy’s Village," teacher Cabangbang tweeted.

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