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Bailes De Luces Join Wonju Dynamic Dancing Carnival in South Korea

      Photo credit from: Marvin Palmares Escander FB
Currently, Bailes de Luces performers from La Castellana Negros Occidental joined the annual South Korea's Wonju Dynamic Dancing Carnival. The event start from September 3 to September 8 where it showcase street parade, the biggest and the longest street parade festival in the nation.

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Bailes de Luces' scores gold at 2019 Wonju Dynamic Carnival in South Korea

     Photo credit: Marvin Palmares Escander FB
Featuring also the wide variety of folk dances and magnificent military marching bands from international teams across the globe, as well as the local citizens' passionate performances. Many other additional events including the Green Safe Playground and Fringe Festival performances are also available for all visitors to enjoy.
 Photo credit: Marvin Palmares Escander FB
According to Marvin Palmares Escander Facebook post, Bailes de Luces performers is taking the 15th spots and it will go through the finals on September 8. More than one hundred entries around the world graces the largest and longest street parade festival.   

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