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Baron Geisler Marries Psychology Girlfriend Jamie Evangelista in civil ceremony

Baron Geisler is now taking a new path after he marries her psychilogy girlfriend Jamie Evangelista in a civil ceremony on Friday, September 13, year after they became a couple. 
       Photo Credit: Jamie Marie Evangelista/ Facebook

The two met inside the rehabilitation center where Geisler is recovering for his past drug addiction. Baron has fall in love with the Cebuana psychologist who worked at the center, and also a college professor who helped Geisler manage his shattered life.
      Photo Credit: Jamie Marie Evangelista/ Facebook

Netizens were completely surprise after her wife shared on her social media acount a series of pictures as they kiss as a married couple and a shot of their rings.
       Photo Credit: Jamie Marie Evangelista/ Facebook

Geisler has described Evangelista as "God's gift" to him. Many netizens had expressed support for the union and offers prayer for Baron's wholehearted changed.

Despite of his bad boy image, Geisler would be a living proof that bad boys can truly change in the heart of a right woman.

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