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China opens the largest airport in the world

This Beijing's Daxing International Airport is the world's largest, which opened on Friday, September 20. The newest airport is expected to welcome around 72 million passengers per year by 2025 for the country's growing travel needs.

The starfish-shaped airport covers 70 hectares (173 acres) and took less atleast five years to build since it started construction in late 2014. It wa reported that expenses has reached some around 120 billion yuan ($16.9 billion) for the airport and another 280 billion yuan to build new road and railways to link in the new airport.

Despite its larze size, the airport was designed to minimize walking time going to the gate and said that passengers will not walk any longer than eight minutes to reached the other gates or any security checkpoint.

The new airport has a robot-operated parking system, facial recognition technology to speed security checks, and a high speed wi-fi service.

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