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Deniece Cornejo announces perfect score at Harvard University exam

Model and actress Deniece Cornejo, who was involved in the mauling controversy with actor-host Vhong Navarro has passed in an online examination of Harvard University on Children's Rights in Theory and Practice-International Human Rights Law.

"I finally did it! And received a cute gift. Yes I passed!!!! Got the perfect 💯 in the finals! What they say is true, hard work never betrays. It all pays off in the end. Almost 8 months of sleepless nights and a lot of reading, it finally led to this," Deniece said on Facebook post.

According to her, she will continue to work for the childrens rights protection program in countries such as Nigeria, Nepal, Africa, Japan, US, India and Russia.

"I am honored to lobby for international human rights specifically in children rights theory and practice," She added.

She thanked her mentor for passing the exam.

"I would like to thank my mentor, Jaquelene Bhabba, Professor of the Practice of Health and Human Rights as well as the Director of research at Harvard FBX Center for Health and Human Rights. Thanks for this awesome scarf!" She wrote.

Cornejo became a headline of controversy years ago after she accused 'It's Showtime' host Vhong Navarro of rape, but later the court dismissed the charges due to lack of evidence.

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