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Kathryn Bernardo pens extra cheesy message for Daniel Padilla

Actress Kathryn Bernardo penned a heartfelt message to her boyfriend Daniel Padilla which she shared on Instagram.

Bernardo melted the hearts of Filipino fans when she shared her special thanks to the guy of her life. After 8th years have been together on the ABS-CBN ball, Daniel never failed to give her surprises as she was showered with flowers from the king Daniel.   

“He knows how much I love receiving flowers but I didn’t expect to be showered with so many bouquets waiting for me at my hotel room. This guy knows exactly how to make me fall in love again and again! ๐Ÿ˜ป This is our 8th ball together and it amazes me how he doesn’t change at all. In fact, he just keeps getting better and better each year! Someone who makes an effort to pull a surprise for me, someone who holds my hand on the red carpet (and sometimes even fixes my dress lol), and someone who takes care of me until after the party’s over—I honestly could NEVER ask for a better date. ❤” She said.

Kathryn then recounts all the things Daniel does for her that she loves the most. She thanked her man for the effort that made her fall in love all over again.

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