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Manny Pacquiao gives away cash to people of Bacolod

Senator Manny Pacquiao once again showed his kindhearted gestures to the people of Bacolod as he handing money to each of them.

According to the report, Pacquaio got surprise when group of people trooped in the 18th street Pala-Pala restaurant, where he and his wife  were having dinner.  After learning that most of the them are victims of fire in two barangay's, holding a chunk of money, he personally gave P1000 to each of them.

Residents were very grateful for Pacquiao's generosity because most of them are still recovering from the horror incident brought by fire that smashed up their houses. 

On a separate video, the Senator is also spotted giving cash at the new Bacolod government center.

Senador Manny Pacquiao as the founder of MPBL together with his wife Jinkee visits the city of smile to watch the Maharlika Pilipnas Basketball League (MPBL) in St Lassale Coliseum on September 21, where the Bacolod Master Sardines will have its first homecourt game.

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