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These Gorgeous Glamping Spot in Silay Negros Occidental Can Help You Beat The Heat!

When talking about camping, there are a few things that automatically come to mind. Figuring out the place how to pitch a tent and gather wood, building your own fire and watching the glittering stars. Stargazing can also be a romantic pastime, all you need to do is to just drive away from the noise of the city with the gang!
     Photo Credit: Lantawan View FB
It's a good thing that Silay glamping site, Lantawan View, can help you get close to nature while also offering comforts of city life.
   Photo Credit: Lantawan View FB
The place is also perfect location for your next photo session. With a with camping grounds, Lantawan can easily accommodate hundreds of campers without anyone feel cramped. Trees provide much-needed shade throughout the day. The large outdoor space and beautiful over looking view making a popular choise among glampers who want to experience nature.

   Photo Credit: Lantawan View FB

       Photo credit: Jed Alcala Studios

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