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Cebu Pacific female pilot praised for her 'nerves of steel' after experiencing mid-flight violent turbulence

         Photo Credit: Kemberly Pasinag Victorioso/Facebook

Things looked grim aboard the Cebu Pacific flight 5J721 from Iloilo to Davao, but you wouldn't have guessed it hearing the air of calm from a female pilot Captain Jacqueline Chua. A Facebook user Kemberly Pasinag Victorioso shared a terrifying experience during mid-flight way back from Iloilo to Davao.

"Heavy rain and numerous turbulence we'd experience that made us thought that maybe it's the end of all of us," Victorioso described on her post.

Passengers lauded Chua after the plane arrived safely to their destination. Everyone clapped and cheers for the lady pilot who show off herself to the cabin and thanked everyone for flying Cebu Pacific.

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