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Jesus Shoes filled with holy water sell out in minutes at PHP150,000

These limited edition of Brooklyn based creative label MSCHF with all-white Nike Air Max 97s known as'Jesus Shoes' was distributed to few lucky people costing a whopping $3,000 estimated (PHP150,000)each pair. 
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The shoe is said to have injected with 60 ccs of holy water coming from the Jordan River which is visible in the sole. The side also feature and verse from the Bible Matthew 14:25, which described Jesus walking on water. 

Some of the religious details are the crucifix threaded through the laces, frankincense-scented insoles, and a red sole which traditionally worn by past Popes.

The packaging was even designed with religious makeover packed with an image of an angel to the box. 

The shoes were sold out from the original priced of $1,425, now going for up to eight times the price for those who haven't the pair yet. There are select sizes available for $2K (PHP100,000) to $3K (PHP150,000).

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