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Moira Dela Torre is giving away her beloved guitar to fullfill some one else's dream in just one easy step

Most people have no idea how to achieve their dreams, something they would like to do or someone they would like to become. The Filipina singer/songwriter Moira Dela Torre is now giving hope to a dreamer like her when she started shaping her dreams. On her Facebook account she announced that she is giving away her customized guitar - coz she believes, "dreams are better when shared".
        Photo Credit: Moira Dela Torre Facebook account
"I'M GIVING AWAY MY GUITAR!!! One of the things I live by is that dreams are better when shared. And I’m so grateful to have grown in a community that loves to do so. 

"My dad shared his talents to me, as well as his old guitar where I learned my first chords in and wrote my first songs with. My kuya @samuelmilby, on the other hand, gave me my dream guitar when I was barely even starting. 

"So now I wanna do the same and pass it on to a fellow dreamer like me. Through this campaign with @carousellph, I am giving away my guitar-- a customized guitar given to me by ‘Gitara Ni Juan’ so there’s nothing like it! (I’ll explain more about them on the next post. I hope that through this, I can help fulfill someone else’s dream. That way, #EveryoneWins," the captions read.
              Photo Credit: Moira Dela Torre Facebook account
It appears that the guitar that was given to her was a present that was full of hope and courage, as she recalled the time when she was in her lowest points and feel so down. 

"This guitar was given to me at one of the lowest points in my life when I didn’t feel so brave. Jason and I wrote worship songs on this guitar and I’m hoping that whoever ends up getting this, would be reminded that he/she is braver and stronger than they think. 

"HOW TO WIN THIS? Head over to my carousell page and find this photo of me and my guitar and comment YOUR story and tell us what winning this guitar could mean to you. I can't wait to meet you. Good luck!" Moira explained.

Join now! Get a chance to met Moira in person and start shaping your dream with her lucky guitar.

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