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These Couple Refused To Let Bad Weather Stop Their Church Wedding

These couple from Toboso, Negros Occidental, Joey Nuñez and Gina Cañete wedding day on Tuesday, October 29 started out a bad weather over the night before their church wedding. Down pour causes the roads to get murky and not easy for their wedding car to pass through the muddy ground. 

But the couple never stop and continue despite of the odds that they will encounter along the way to the church.  Wearing her white wedding gown, Cañete together with her partner walk though  the muddy ground and passed a knee-deep waters of the river so that they could reach the church on time. 

One of the guest Joy Ann Baquilar posted the photos of the couple in social media that really shook the internet for their determination.

Well, why not? Why is everyone freaking out, it's just a rain. They didn't have a care in the world and just they wanted to be married. 

Our best wishes and congratulations for the couple.

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