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This circle of friends remain strong despite one of them reveal he's a gay

         Photo credit: HugotBeki FB
They said good friends are hard to find and even harder to keep. This social media photo shared by HugotBeki went viral with a caption, "Pare namin noon, prinsesa namin ngayon"(Our male friend before, now a princess). 

Coming out can be an emotionally tough time for their gay friend, but it can also be confusing to a straight person that could feel awkward or unsure about how to handle the situation. 

However, this six different personalities remain faithful to their promised, to be friends forever no matter what challenges ahead.  The photo was praised by many netizens and quickly went viral that earned more than 10K reactions and more than 20K shares.  

If you asked why there are still million of people have no friends, it simply because enduring friendships require care and humility.

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