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Anne Curtis' doing her acrobatic prowess in Magpasikat 2019 blow our mind when we realized she's pregnant

Erwan Heusaff allowed and supported Anne to show off her acrobatic prowess in Magpasikat 2019 even though he knows that her wife was pregnant. People lauded Heussaff for being supportive to Anne - and we wish all are supportive!

Clad in a glitzy green body suit, Anne astounded the 'Madlang People' with her seamlessly death defying wheel acrobatics, alongside Bidaman grand winner Jin Macapagal and an Australian gymnast, they performed Cyndi Lauper's "Time After Time".

Since, modern pregnancy allows pregnant woman to do acrobats and other exercises, but it's not typically advisable for all. Still your doctor's advised is very important if you're safe to do so.

While we understand and respect that sometimes some people might not feel like or they might not be able to move during pregnancy, we also acknowledged that every pregnant woman knows their body very well and be able to decide if and when she feel happy and safe about moving  and doing what she love.

Others claimed that doing this activities actually very beneficial to both mother and baby!

On Sunday, November 10, Anne and husband Erwan Heussaff announced that they are expecting an angel.

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