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Christmas Carol Flash Mob Takes UST Campus By Surprise

Christmas is in the air, Christmas songs are playing, kids are singing Christmas carols, mesmerizing Christmas decors and lights are everywhere. 

The Christmas season at the University of Santo Tomas (UST) would not be complete without the variety of decorations and gimmicks within the campus. 

Thus, the UST students felt the Christmas breeze when some of the students flashing mobs. 

UST, considered the oldest Catholic University in Asia and is very known for its Christmas celebrations such as "Easter" with various of decorations and shining Christmas lights are displayed throughout the school campus. 

In a video uploaded to the University of Santo Tomas official Facebook page, several students suddenly appeared near the Plaza Mayor inside the campus in Manila and gradually began singing and playing "Christmas Na Naman" a traditional Christmas song. 
All members of the University's various  choral groups and musicians performed in the flash mob. 

As of the posting the flash mob already garnered 18k reactions, 10k shares and 496k views.

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