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Meet the man of the Philippine Airlines who landed jumbo jet safely after engine trouble in Los Angeles

The Philippine pilot landed the jet safely in Los Angeles saving 347 passengers on board. The Boeing jumbo jet encountered engine trouble.
Captain Triston Simeon called to turn back the plane and make precautionary landing. After the take off one of the jet's engines caught fire and calls for an emergency landing.

Ceilo Villaluna, airline spokeswoman posted on her Facebook account on November 22,  to confirm that Philippine Airlines Flight PR113  landed safely after experiencing technical problem in one of its engines shortly after take off.

Airline spokeswoman praised Captain Simeon, "Hats off to you B777 Captain Triston Simeon for successfully landing the aircraft at Los Angeles' Tom Bradley International Airport."

The netizens were so proud and congratulated the pilot for a safe landing. The authority already made their investigations regarding the incident

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