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Mekeni select products tested positive for African Swine Fever

Popular meat brand’s skinless longganisa, hotdog products tested positive of a disease. ASF issue occurs for months already but Agriculture Department didn’t stop to investigate food that contains pork meat. 

Officials from Agriculture confirmed two products from a processed food company named Mekeni Food Corporation tested positive of African Swine Fever (ASF).

These two positive products are Mekeni’s skinless longganisa and picnic hotdog. This tests was done by Regional Animal Disease Diagnostics Laboratory in Central Luzon on October 25.
Due to this, Mekeni Food Corporation face administrative charges and have its license invalidates for selling ASF-infected meat. Food and Drug Administration will still continue to monitor and investigate the company for possible lapses.

“After the investigation, depending on the finding, if we see wrongdoing then they would have an administrative case with the FDA including possible revocation of license to operate”, Domingo specified in a media interview.

Mekeni Food Corporation was suspended with their pork-processed and advised to disinfect their facility. FDA still continues to investigate other food processed company to ensure that they comply with regulations. According to the report given by FDA, 63 processed company was inspected but found that they were compliant with regulations.

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