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NASA sends an oven to space so that astronauts can bake cookies

It seems that our astronaut friends in space can now taste a fresh bake cookies as NASA is sending them a specially-designed space oven and baking ingredients. According to reports, a cargo ship bound for the International Space Station (ISS) took off from the US containing NASA's dough is a mission that never it happened before.

The mission is to test how high heat and zero gravity will affect the shape and consistency of the baked cookies. 

If the experiment of the first baking in space will prove to be a success, astronauts living in space station can finally be able to bake fresh meals for themselves and most likely for the future visitors from earth.

The dough was provided by Hilton's DoubleTree hotel chain, saying that the "landmark microgravity experiment" aimed to long-duration space travel more hospitable.

The shipment is expected to reach the International Space Station on Monday.

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