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Pilot instructor gets emotional after he received surprise from his students during mid-flight

While being appreciated and valued for your work is a wonderful thing, you can't expect when and where it will come. And this is exactly what happened to a pilot instructor named Selahattin Onan of Turkish Airlines, whom he was considered by his students as a second father.
         Photo credit: In the Now
These group of pilots from Turkish Airlines took the chance to arrange the best surprise for their teacher when they found out it was on board for a personal trip. A now viral video shows a pilot of Turkish Airlines making an announcement for his teacher aboard. The pilot on duty at that time was Mithat Okhan Onan, who happened to be the Selahattin's son. Mithat shared the wonderful experiences they learned from their mentor and they took time to greet him happy Teacher's Day.

"Dear passengers, this is your captain speaking. today is an important day. For 6 years i've been a pilot as part of the Turkish Airlines family, and much of that is due to the efforts of my teacher Selahattin Onan, a long-serving teacher who is with us on this place today. It's a beautiful thing to be able to call your teacher someone who is like a father to you,"Mithat said.

The teacher can be seen emotional listening to the sweet words, then the cabin crew walked down slowly and handed him a bouquet of flowers.
              Photo credit: In the Now
The pilot came out of the cockpit to give the warmest greeting and hugged him in the middle of the emotional crowd.

Check out  the heartwarming video below:

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