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Shocking footage shows Black Lungs of Chain Smoker for 30-years with a pack a day went viral

Photo credit: AsiaWire/ChenJingyu

Social media were storm by this shocking video that surfaced online dubbed as 'the best anti-smoking ad ever'. This photos are just only implemented on cigarette packs that usually smokers neglected for a long time , but this time doctors in China filmed it to show how this lungs look like after years of smoking.

Instead of being healthy pink, they were look like a grilled muscles or charcoal in colour and extremely inflamed from decades of tobacco residue clogging them up.

Doctor Chen, a leading lung transplant surgeon has rejected the lungs of the 52 year old donor when he was declared brain dead and his organ were donated.

It appeared that after harvesting the lungs would not be of any use to patient in need. Medics cited issues such as lung calcification, bullous lung disease and pulmonary emphysema – all tied to three decades of smoking.

‘#jieyan’ in Mandarin said ‘quit smoking’ – Doctor Chen wrote:

Many smokers in this country have lungs which look like this. Our team decided to reject these lungs for transplant. If you’re a heavy smoker, your lungs may not be accepted even if you choose to donate them after death. Look at these lungs – do you still have the courage to smoke?

Chen added that the patients didn't undergo a CT scan before his death - he was simply declared brain dead, and his lungs were swiftly harvested.

The video, recorded by the surgeons, has been viewed more than 25million times on social media.

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