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Showing posts with label science. Show all posts
Jeff Bezos and Yuri Milner are investing for anti-aging startup
Jeff Bezos' Blue Origin successfully complete suborbital space flight
Jeff Bezos' Blue Origin auctions seat for $28 million in first human trip to space
Meteorite hit Negros Occidental High School campus in Bacolod
Japanese doctors perform world's first lung transplant from living donor to a COVID-19 patient
Baby boy with three penises is born for the first time in human history
12-year-old girl to start college this year, dream of working for NASA when she's 16
Scientists want to send more than 6 million sperm samples to the moon for safekeeping
First Filipino set to reach the 3rd deepest place on earth called Emden Deep in PH trench
World's first space hotel with complete amenities to open in 2027
Elon Musk to award a whopping $100M prize for best carbon tech
Tiny creatures caught on camera claim to be an alien sparks extraterrestrial debate online
Filipino student wins international award for turning rotten veggies into solar window
A million dollar meteorite crashes through man's house but feel cheated after he sold around $14,000 to buyer
Philippines' startup rocket company 'OrbitX' to lead the world with biofuel space tech
Elon Musk claims covid-19 a bogus after tested positive and negative on the same day

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