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Showing posts with label science. Show all posts
Filipino student wins international award for turning rotten veggies into solar window
A million dollar meteorite crashes through man's house but feel cheated after he sold around $14,000 to buyer
Philippines' startup rocket company 'OrbitX' to lead the world with biofuel space tech
Elon Musk claims covid-19 a bogus after tested positive and negative on the same day
NASA Discovers Water on Sunlit Surface of Moon
Several waterspouts spotted over Gulf of Mexico
Pinoys rank first in submissions for NASA's 'Send Your Name to Mars'
The Japanese Fugaku is now the world's fastest supercomputer
Watch: June's annular eclipse on Father's Day!
13-year-old boy earns four associate's degrees in two years
Fish, Ducks, Dolphins, and Swans Returns As Waters In Venice Becomes Clear And No Disturbance
These mind-controlling fungus that infected the brain of the ant shows why zombie apocalypse still possible
Architect Designs A Modern Minimalist Home Inside A Massive Rock Looks Stunning
Quezon City Opens 'Bring Your Own Bottle Store' Aims To Help Reduce Plastic Waste In The City
Men with "Super Sperm" In Public Pools Could Possibly Get Women Pregnant, Indonesian Official Said
Gigantic Asteriod That Can Potentially Destroy Earth Will Come Close on February 15, 2020 - NASA
First ever pig-monkey hybrids created by Chinese scientists
Man in Mindoro experiences monthly period like woman, doctor says he has uterus and ovary
Tesla unveils Cybertruck with up to 500 miles of range at around Php1.9 Million
You will experience this Ethereal Watershow at Nuvali, Laguna for Free

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