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Homeless boy and dog hugging on the sidewalk in Manila touch hearts

         Photo credit: Jem Villomo / Facebook
Over time, dog and human relationship has been proven without exception and the internet is a huge witness of that unconditional love.

A heartbreaking photo of a homeless boy and a dog hugging on the pavement touched the hearts of passerby and leave us speechless.
        Photo credit: Jem Villomo / Facebook
The unfortunate situation of the boy and his dog were shared on social media by netizen Jem Villomo - a picture that contains both the sadness of poverty, but also the tenderness of love and the light of hope.

This two souls can be peaceful and happy together, even if everything is missing, the important thing is that there as a mysterious and magnificent bond between them that gives them strength and confidence every day. The picture may be too romantic or fictional, but it can certainly serve as a starting point for learning what love means.

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