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Man finds pearl in Oyster at famous Iloilo restaurant

Christmas came early for one lucky diner in a seafood restaurant in Iloilo, when he chew a pearl in his order grilled oysters.
       Photo Credit: Google/ GMA News
In Kapuso Mo, Jessica Soho episode  on Sunday, Raoul said he felt something smooth and hard in his mouth, which initially he thought might have been a tooth. 

"So pagkuha ko nang ganoon, itsura niya parang ngipin ko. Chineck ko ‘yung teeth ko kung complete pa, complete naman! " Raoul narrated.

He even showed the hard object like a tooth like to his wife, Arlene, and she found funny that Raoul almost ate the tiny object.

It turned out to be a tooth-sized pearl, where a supervisor of the restaurant admitted that there are times it happened a foreign objects are found in oysters they order from a farm in Aklan. 

Raoul was extremely lucky as natural occurring pearls are very rare. 

Since it wasn't new to them, the restaurant simply ignores these kinds of incidents. Customers, however, upon hearing the news, they started taking a closer look to the oysters they would order, hoping to find another pearl.

To verify the authenticity of the pearl, the object has been subject for chemical test. Gemologist found that there was calcium carbonate in the object, which means that the object indeed a real pearl. 

The tiny pearl is worth around P20,000 to P30,000.

Raoul decided to customized the pearl into a pendant and plans to give it to his wife for their anniversary on April 7, 2020.

Pearls are formed when an external intruder or parasite enters the oyster and the organism forms a pearl sac around it, depositing calcium carbonate to envelope the irritant.

Source: GMA News

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