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Michelle Madrigal just had her breast implants removed: "I Fell So Much Light, Like I'm Free"

Former actress and now a fitness specialist Michelle Madrigal said she "Feel So Much Light" now as she had her breast implants removed. In an Instagram post, Michelle documented the process of her explant journey. 

After the surgery, Michelle revealed that she felt nervous because she wasn't sure of what will look like without her implants.

"I did it y’all!!! I was so nervous this morning because I wasn’t sure what to expect post surgery (how my boobs would look without implants). Then, I woke up feeling lighter and happier knowing that I am on the way to healing and recovery," she posted.

Michelle revealed on her YouTube vlog that she had her breast implants way back sometime in 2007, when she felt insecure of the gift in front of her.

"I was really young and one of the reasons I got them because I was really like insecure growing up. My sister she had big breast like my mom and in my family, I didn't have [big] boobs," she stated.

"I was 18 years old, all I cared about was really my looks. I wasn't thinking properly. I didn't know the long term effect," she added.

She later posted "FREEDOM! 2020 is all about self-love, healing and living in a mindful state. 4 days post op and never more in tuned with my body."

"When you get older, you are gonna try everything to live longer, to be healthy and that's what I am trying to do. I want to be healthy when I'm 50 so that I can still hang out with Nika (her daughter) and just live life without any foreign device in my system," she stated

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