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This 89-year-old woman plays 'Call of Duty' and 'GTA' like a pro, 'If you play video games, you don't get dementia'

If you think that video games are for the young people only, then we're telling you that it's wrong. Maybe when you read this story it will change the way you thought about this craze.
          Photo Credit: Merdeka
Meet the 89 year old grandma Mori Hamako, a young at heart gamer who actively playing Call of Duty and Grand Theft Auto after being a gamer for almost 4 decades now. It was in 1981 when she started to discovered her passion in gaming world. From using the Cassette Vision console, a classic Ninendo Entertainment System and to the advanced gamer's computer world.

She also runs her own YouTube channel called 'Gamer Grandma' where she posted some of her videos, showing her skills playing the game. When the Resident Evil in the '90s was introduced on Playstation, she got shocked of the graphics and storyline that really got her hooked.

"If you play video games, you don't get dementia". Best of all, gaming is a hobby one can easily take into old age, unlike things like sports or fashion. "Even as you get older, it's wonderful to keep gaming," Mori said. 

Mori has now nearly 100K followers on her YouTube channel, as she regularly uploads videos of herself playing first-person-shooter games such as "Call of Duty" and "Grand Theft Auto".

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