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This Tawhai Floating Bar In Lakawon Set To Sail Boracay Island Next Year

Planning a trip to the Philippines in 2020 can be a rather mind-boggling experience. Name the Philippines' stunning beaches, Lakawon island in Negros Occidental is now taking the hype. 

This Instagram-worthy island is an emerging destination in Cadiz that boasts the powdery white sand and denim blue water.

Aside from the gorgeous place, with open cottages and overnight hotels with lots of bars to hang-out, Lakawon is also known for its Tawhai Floating Bar. Dubbed as the largest floating bar in the world with 18 jacuzzis, unlimited buffet, bar areas, and offers mouthwatering food - Tawhai floating bar will now sail to Boracay as the first destination next year.

Back in 2014 when Tawhai meaning “relax” (in ilonggo language) was just a dream of  of Mr. Vladimir Gonzalez together with the people from the local island, gifted with talent and natural skills  of the people, the floating bar was then born after 6 months. With a tropical design and using all wood concept,  is was no doubt that the idea would be a great way to showcase the natural resources of the Philippines in the tourism industry. 

Want to take a break from the crowded cities? Lakawon might one of the place you have to consider in visiting the Philippines.

For more updates, check out Lakawon Island Resorts for rates and packages.

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