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Man ignores mass brawl to calmly eating his food in a kebab shop

It was a mass brawl erupted in a kebab shop when a group of aggressive male customers started to challenge a male staff. The fight heated more when other members of the staff confronts them, that lead into a huge brawl. 

But the video which was filmed during the incident has caught people's attention, as many social media users observed that a man on the table was completely undisturbed, as he calmly enjoying his food while the action is going on.

Speaking to The Daily Mail, Chris said: "I turned to see a man and shop worker throwing things at each other and then this tall guy kicked the food counter."

Chris just sits there, browsing to his phone and just barely looking up as the group was throwing punches and even thrown into the table in front of him.

The now viral video has earned more than 16M views and people has a lot of words to say.

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