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The World's Oldest Person Kane Tanaka Celebrates 117th Birthday

Kane Tanaka's of Japan, who celebrates 117th birthday on January 2 has extended her record breaking title as the world's oldest person. 
         Photo credit: Kyodo
Along with the staff and friends at the nursing home, Tanka took a bite from a slice on her birthday cake "Tasty, I want some more," she said with a smile. She was accepted and confirmed as the oldest living person at the aged 116 years and 66 days last year by the Guinness World Records.

Tanakas's world record is a symbol of Japan's fast-ageing population, which coupled with its falling birth rate, is raising concerns about labour shortages and prospects for future economic growth.

The number of babies born in Japan fell an estimated 5.9% last year to fewer than 900,000 for the first time since the government started compiling data in 1899, according to Japan's welfare ministry.

Ms Tanaka was born prematurely in 1903 and married Hideo Tanaka in 1922, Guinness World Records said.

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