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Young inventors from UP Diliman turns flat surface into interactive screen soon to hit the market

Forget about interactive screen display using LCD/LED screen. A group of fresh and brilliant mind from the University of the Philippine Diliman has developed a portable interactive screen dubbed as "Smart Surface Technology". 

The device that claims to turn a flat surface, or blank wall, into an "interactive" screen was developed by Dr. Nestor Tiglao and his team from the Electrical and Electronics Engineering Institute (UP-EEEI).

The project was about to hit the market and has created a spinoff company named Adapsense Inc. which will now take on the commercialization of the technology. 

The report said that Smart Surface features unique multi touch and wireless connectivity, for applications in education, food service, advertising, and consumer electronics.

The system is said to be easy to install and affordable, with speedy after-sales support in cases of replacement, repair service or technical help and can be customized according to client needs.

The project is one of the beneficiaries of government research funding, called FASTRAC - Funding Assistance for Spin-Off and Translation of Research for Advancing Commercialization Program.

The Smart Surface Technology was also recognised during the 46th International Exhibition of Inventions Geneva in Switzerland held in April 2018, which won gold medal award with jury distinction.

Currently, the team is already processing the requirements for the SEC registration for Adapsense Inc. and has completed the design of the Smart Surface V2. A software application is in the works which can be partnered with the Smart Surface system, enabling users to design interactive content such as quizzes and customer survey.

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