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Austal Philippines Launches Biggest Ferry Ever Made In Cebu City

Austal Philippines has successfully launched a striking looking 109 meter high-speed catamaran ferry that can transport 1,200 people and up to 404 cars over two vehicle decks, at 40 knots speed.
          Source: Austal Philippines
The vehicle-passenger ferry or known as FSTR, is the largest aluminum vessel ever built in Cebu City, Philippines.

The vessel is now in the final stages of fit out, prior to delivery to Fjord Line of Norway in the 2nd quarter of CY2020.

Austal Chief Executive Officer David Singleton said the launch of the ‘Auto Express 109’ catamaran was a significant milestone for Austal Philippines, as the first ship to be wholly constructed from the Balamban shipyard’s expanded production facilities, which were opened in July 2019.
          Source: Austal Philippines
“This impressive new ship for Fjord Line of Norway is the first of many large, high-speed commercial ferries to be constructed at our newly expanded shipyard in the Philippines. After Hull 419, we have Hull 395, a 118 metre trimaran under construction, which will be the longest high speed ferry to be constructed in the Philippines.

     Source: Austal Philippines

“We also have a 115 metre catamaran ferry scheduled for later this year – ensuring continuity of production at the Philippines shipyard well into the 2020s,” Mr Singleton said.

         Source: Austal Philippines

Austal Philippines President Wayne Murray celebrated the launch of Hull 419 by thanking the local shipbuilding team and acknowledging the outstanding capability of the Balamban shipyard – which now includes a 120 metre long assembly bay and multiple new fabrication bays.


  1. This wasn't built in Cebu City. This was built in Balamban, Cebu.

  2. Hope will operate in the Philippines going Aklan the RoRo or 2GO...Looking forward to see this ship..


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