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Boyfriend sends hilarious "Patay Na Patay" funeral flowers for girlfriend on Valentine's day went viral

Every woman deserves a bouquet of flowers, but however if you received this funeral flower wreath on a special occasion?

         Photo credit: Kenneth Manuel FB

“Patay na patay for Atty. Mary Zoelli R. Velasco,” the red ribbon read.

Flower wreaths are commonly seen in funerals as a tribute to the departed loved ones has been sent to the office to surprise her girlfriend on Valentine's day is making the internet a good laugh. 

According to the Facebook user Kenneth Manuel on his social media post, this creepy threat had cause commotion at the entrance of their office as the security officers declined to receive the funeral wreath.

                 Photo credit: Kenneth Manuel FB

"OMG A WORKMATE RECEIVED FLOWERS THIS VALENTINES HAHAHA “PATAY NA PATAY AKO SA’YO, and literal na pampatay na bulaklak tapos dinala sa office Kenneth Manuel revealed.

Manuel added that it was a prank from his colleague's boyfriend, Zoe Velasco.

In response, Zoe shared a photo with the wreath holding out a sign written on a bond paper, "Patay na patay ka rin sa akin!"

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