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Cats And Dogs Are Thrown Off The Building After Fake News Circulating Animals Can Spread Wuhan Virus

If people will start believing the misinformation which some people already did, that our beloved cats and dogs can spread Wuhan Virus, then they might be the casualties of these human ignorance. 
         Photo Source: Twitter
While the world are battling the Novel Coronavirus (2019-NcoV), some disturbing pictures are spreading online showing bloodied corpses of animals lying in the road after they were thrown by their owner out of the window. 

The Sun reported that some pet owners in China are killing their pets after receiving unconfirmed news that pets can spread the virus too.
      Photo credit: The Sun

The horror incidents came after a statement released by Dr Li Lanjuan who said: "If pets come into contact with suspected patients, they should be quarantined."

     Source: Twitter

The statement has caused panic among pet owners in China after a local media outlet reported a twist of her words, "cats and dogs can spread the coronavirus".

Meanwhile, the World Health Organization confirmed that there's no evidence that cats and dogs can contract the novel coronavirus.

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