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Heartwarming Video Captures Moment A Cancer Patient Father And Children Surprises Mom's 60th Birthday

She thought everyone forgot her 60th birthday!

Heartwarming video captures moment a 60-year-old cancer patient surprised his wife with a worth remembering birthday party.

This year is definitely an extra-special for the adorable couple Silverio "Ver" and Candelaria "Larie" as they are celebrating their 60th birthday and 40th wedding anniversary.

Silverio, a Pastor, was first diagnosed with stage 3 colon cancer in 2003 and he was advised by his doctor to undergo chemo therapy, but he refused. Instead, Silverio change his lifestyle and go to more healthy diet practice that miraculously free him from cancer. 

The doctor has cleared him of his colon cancer after a series of examinations.

The whole family were thankful after learning the positive development for Silverio. The couple really work hard to send their six children to school and they are now a successful professionals. 

However, it just so happened that Silverio was again diagnosed with prostate cancer.

But despite of stormy life for Tibon family, they all stay strong and complete for their father. 

Recently, February 2, was Candelaria's 60th birthday. Unknown to her, all the children including friends and Silverio has organised a surprised party.

According to a family friend of the celebrant who was in contact with Whereinbacolod said, all the families and friends decided not to greet the birthday celebrant that very special day.

"We suggested everyone na wag mag great sa kanya, as if walang nakaalala sa bday nya," a friend said.

At 3PM all are set for a surprised party, everyone connected to the family was there at the venue except for Candelaria. 

The birthday celebrant arrived at the venue, knowing that it was a simple celebration. 

Respectively, her children approach her at the entrance and gave her flowers. But what surprised her the most was her loving husband in a wheelchair lend her a bouquet of flowers. 

Everyone were moved by the heartbreaking moment. 

Congratulations to Ver and Larie, and to everyone who keep the celebration a big surprise. 

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