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Krispy Kreme Now Has Rick And Morty Doughnuts Inspired

        Photo credit: KrispyKreme Australia IG

Soon Krispy Kreme will be launching a three new Rick and Morty inspired donuts and drinks. However, sorry folks, this will only be available in Australia.

These got even more exciting while everyone are waiting for the season four of sci-fi adult cartoon Rick and Morty, its a kind of delicious news for you folks!

       Photo credit: KrispyKreme Australia IG

                    Photo credit: KrispyKreme Australia IG

Beginning on March 16 you may try the Simple Rick's Wafer Cookie, lemon-flavored Pickle Rick, and Strawberry Smiggles. Krispy Kreme also added a milkshake made from raspberry and blue heaven flavors - this Fleed Juice is a perfect pair for your thirstiness. 

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