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River Of Life Ministry Apologizes Over A Viral Video Of A Pastor Destroying Sto. Niño Statue

Remember a viral video of the River of Life Pastor who smashed up the figurine of Sto. Niño? His ministry recently issued a public apology via letter addressed to all Catholic faithful condemning Pastor Christopher Gayoba arrogant behavior.

The ministry explained the video that went viral online does not represent the ministry's beliefs or theological stand regarding idols and graven images.

"We take full responsibility for his action and we issue our public apology for all who felt insulted and offended by what he did," the letter read.

They added that they will impose disciplinary action to Pastor Gayoba of  Negros Occidental , and promised the Catholic faithful the incident will not happen again.

The letter also stated that River of Life will strive to build a good relationship with the Catholic community.

Recently, a disturbing footage of a Pastor violently destroying Sto. Niño figurine sparked outrage online. 

Many condemned the actions of the  Pastor for disrespecting and insulting the Roman Catholic long tradition of using statues in churches.

"Catholics do not worship idols, but have a long tradition of using statues in our churches, because thousands of years ago, people were not able to read and write. 

"The average person could not read and understand the stories in the bible for themselves, until the early 1900’s. Priests and scribes were the only people in the church who were educated enough to read and understand the bible. 

"Therefore, the church used statues, paintings and stained glass windows to visually portray the stories in the bible and show what people from that time period may have looked like. 

"The stained glass windows in a church often depicted the stories from Jesus’ life visually, so that everyone, including little children, could understand who Jesus was.r for disrespecting and insulting  Catholic long tradition of using statues," report quoted from website, 

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