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Couple Gets Married in Jollibee

Getting married at your favorite fast food joint is actually a thing. 
         Photo Credits: Janine Veronica Minas
Ever since you were a kid, you've probably dreamed about your picture perfect wedding. 

For some, it's fairy tale dresses and tiered white cakes. Others, however, want nothing more than to pop into their favorite fast food joint to make it official. 

And surprisingly enough, this couple from Olongapo City has decided to hold their wedding ceremony and reception in their favorite fast-food chain on February 2, 2020.

          Photo Credits: Janine Veronica Minas
Janine Veronica Minas and Marious Pabalinas decided not to spend much for their wedding and they invited their friends to Jollibee. At first the fastfood joint appeared to be with a feeling of uncertainty when they start inquiring the venue.

“No one believed us when we said we will do our wedding at Jollibee. Kasi alam nilang hindi kami matinong kausap. Akala nila nagjo-joke lang kami,” Minas said in her Facebook post.

The same question popped up when they started giving invitations to their guests.

“Everyone kept asking ‘Bakit sa Jollibee?,’ ‘Seryoso? ‘Di nga?” 
       Photo Credits: Janine Veronica Minas
According to her, they decided to choose the venue to celebrate the wedding in a more practical way at the same time unique.  

“We chose Jollibee because it’s practical, the food is great, and of course IT IS JOLLIBEE! Who doesn’t like Jollibee? It’s new for everyone! We did it there because it’s unique and different just like me and @mar.ious, and our family and friends know that,” she added.

At the last part of her post, she thanked all the Jollibee staff for making her day the most memorable one.

“Thank you Jollibee Ulo ng Apo and staff for your help and for allowing us to do our wedding in your place. Truly, Jollibee is the place where #bidaangsaya,” 

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