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Showing posts with label culture. Show all posts
108-year-old woman escaped 1918 spanish flu, 2 world wars and survived COVID-19
KAACHI, the first British K-Pop group released debut single 'Your Turn'
Ariana Grande's selfie gets 1 million likes in 18 minutes is breaking the internet!
Man Steals Bluetooth Speaker To Avoid Getting Married With His Girlfriend
San Ildefonso Bulacan Mayor Cheer Her Constituents With A Squad In Darna Costume To Distribute Food Packs
St. Luke's Nurse Treating Coronavirus Patients Shares How Hard It Is With A Heartbreaking Pic
Netizen shares hilarious screenshots of Filipinos' lowest reading comprehension
Look: This couple's seven furry friends joined the entourage in their garden wedding
64-year-old senior high student inspires netizens for her determination
Lawyer Honors Stranger Vendor Who Gave Her Fresh Taho In College Because He Know She Came To School With Empty Stomach
Filipino who defend a delivery man from arrogant Chinese woman earned praised online
River Of Life Ministry Apologizes Over A Viral Video Of A Pastor Destroying Sto. Niño Statue
Arrogant man clashes with parking lot security for not paying parking fee went viral, "Mayabang Talaga Ako!"
Australian reporter spooked as snake attacks the microphone while doing a film

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