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Here's Bela Padilla providing more details about her foreigner boyfriend, reveal tips how to travel alone safely


Bela Padilla finally shared more details about her non-showbiz foreigner boyfriend, Norman Bay. On her Instagram story on Thursday, Bela answered a random questions from her followers as she guide them for traveling abroad amidst the COVID-19 pandemic. 

"Ask me about travelling, turkey or shooting abroad amidst COVID," she wrote.

One asked if she follows an itinerary for her recent travels to Turkey, Bela revealed that Norman planned all the details of their trip after filming.

Another one asked, do you feel safe traveling alone?

"I wasn't alone on this particular trip. When I do travel alone, I usually feel safe because I read about my destinations beforehand and I don't post real-time. Also, I have people back home that check on me everyday, and if I don't answer, they have the number of the hotel/airbnb I'm staying at," she replied.

While Turkey was most likely the place where she first introduce Norman to her social media post, one netizen was a bit curious about her boyfriend's nationality.

"Does your boyfriend live in Turkey? Or you guys just meet up there?” She then clarified that Norman is a Swiss-Italian man who lives in Zurich, Switzerland.

Bela recently flew back to Turkey to reunite with Norman. She also took to Instagram and shared some precious moments of her trip.

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