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108-year-old woman escaped 1918 spanish flu, 2 world wars and survived COVID-19

Sylvia Goldsholl, who turned 108 last December 2019 has endured four deadly events in her life. The now-famous New Jersey woman has been able to escape the 1918 Spanish flu and two World Wars.

She was just 7-year-old when the Spanish Flu swept the United States, and wasn't lucky in the present pandemic when she was diagnosed with the coronavirus.

In March she was immediately moved into isolation at a nursing home where she lived for over a decade after diagnosed with coronavirus.

Goldsholl's niece, Nancy Chazen has received a call from her aunt's nursing home in April, informing that Goldsholl had contracted the novel coronavirus. Since older people are more vulnerable to the deadly disease, she thought "that was going to be the end" for her aunt. 

"I remember I got the phone call (that she had recovered), and I just thought, 'That so great.' We were very surprised," Chazen recalled.

“I survived everything because I was determined to survive," Goldsholl told News 12 New Jersey.

"She's got the survivor's mentality. Her family supported her through all this and, like she says, love helps you get through things," Allendale center administrator Michael Brienza told The New York Times.

Goldsholl, who was born in 1911 is the oldest woman recovered from COVID-19.

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