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KAACHI, the first British K-Pop group released debut single 'Your Turn'

The world of K-Pop has reached Europe as a girl group KAACHI was born. Recently, the group from United Kingdom made their debut single 'Your Turn' which started breaking the internet.

The four member girl group are composed of three different nationalities - Korean, Spanish and British that made them unique, far from the traditional Kpop group being formed in the world.

The name of the group 'KAACHI' which originates from the Korean word 'Togetherness, Value and Unity' has symbolizes the group common goal of creating K-Pop music, while bringing to their fans three different culture.

The members Coco, Nicole, Dani and Chunseo were recruited while participating in a dance cover competition in London last year. They were all trained within a renowned dance company.
The group also boasts a lineup of superstar producers such as Daniel Leary and Jungleboi, who made hit songs for One Direction and K-pop group SHINee. Jamie Snell, who mixed the Dua Lipa and BLACKPINK collaboration.

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