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COVID-19 could survive on your phone for up to a week, so clean your phone as often as you wash your hands

According to a German study, your phone could be carrying the coronavirus. COVID-19 can survive on your phone for nearly a week which is present in surfaces like metals, glasses, or plastic.

Now a days Cellphone is part of human life which always in our hands with always in contact to our faces. Your cleanliness could cancel out every time you touched your germ carrying phones. So it's not only a smart idea to wash your hands frequently, but it's also important to disinfect your phone.

Here are some tips to clean your cellphone the right way, according to expert.

1. Power Down: Turn off your phone and unplug it from the charger.

2. Use Microfiber Cloths: Microfiber cloths pick up more particles, bacteria, and viruses. Goff says to think of a microfiber cloth as a “virus magnet.” After using, wash them in the “sanitize” cycle of your washing machine.

3. Stock Up on Rubbing Alcohol: To disinfect your phone, use a solution of 60 percent water to 40 percent rubbing alcohol. Dip the end of the microfiber cloth into this mixture and gently rub it on your phone, then dry with another section of the cloth. Do not spray any liquid onto your phone.

4. Skip Abrasive Products: To protect your phone’s screen, do not use window cleaners, vinegar, hydrogen peroxide or any abrasive product.

5. Clean Regularly: Make it a habit to clean your phone on a daily (if possible!) basis. How many times do you look at your phone in the bathroom? Think about that.

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