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Dad pranks his kids to eat rice by just smelling a hanging'Tuyo' is heartbreaking

The enhanced community quarantine being implemented across Luzon and many parts of the region in the Philippines had caused people to restrain from their job, while we understand that these effort from the government is for the good of everyone.  

Local government have begun providing relief goods to those affected families, however few kilograms of rice, packs of noodles and a number of can goods still it won't be enough.

While everyone are waiting this pandemic to subside, many families were trying their best to stretch their very limited budget. 

In a video shared online by a Facebook user Alejandro Devera Garcia, you might find it funny but it's a real situation every families are facing right now. It can be seen a dad making prank for his kids while he share a bowl of rice for his kids and ask them to smell a piece of hanging 'tuyo'. 

The father has tried to explain his kids that he don't have a job anymore due to the lockdown and they need only to eat rice to survive.

“Tipid lang. Basta may kanin ok na,” Alejandro wrote.

As of this posting, the Philippines have recorded 552 cases of the deadly disease, including 35 deaths and 20 recoveries.

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