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This QC store turned into homeless shelter will restore your faith in humanity

Today's health crises COVID-19 pandemic once again have challenged humanity. How we react and bounce back from the crises of today are what will define how we survive the crises of tomorrow. 

        Source: Popburri / Facebook

This act of kindness really gives people a hope that this challenge sooner will come to an end. Home to healthy popsicle treats 'Popburri' in East Kamias, Quezon City has transformed its store into a temporary shelter to accommodate homeless as the entire Luzon is under the enhanced community quarantine.

On a Facebook post last March 19, Popburri took to social media to announce that they are temporarily converting their store into a shelter until April 12.

                        Source: Popburri / Facebook

"The shelter will be open daily from 6pm-6am every evening until April 12. Dinner will be served at 6:30pm, and we will do our best to handle medical needs with the support of our east kamias barangay teams," the Facebook post read.

The post also asking anyone with generous heart that they are accepting donations for the necessities of the dwellers such as food, old mattress, pillow, and bed sheet. 

This wonderful examples of human kindness are sure to set you on the right path from helping homeless people. Every good deed counts!

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