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Now you can make your own FRNK drink during quarantine

       Source: FRNK Milkbar's / Facebook

During this hard times and stress levels is running high, and while we practice a home quarantine, here's a simple quarantine tip to make use your time productive. 

Quarantine will depends on what's in your pantry.

Maybe you already familiar with Dalgona Coffee, which named after a Korean dessert and this drink is made with three essential ingredients - instant coffee, sugar, and water.

However, for those who don't want a drink with caffeine, this variant might be your best drink a must-try.

Recently, FRNK Milk Bar unveiled how to make their signature craft milk drink for sweet tooth fans. It's easy to prepare as it revolve around basic ingredients such as milk, water, cocoa powder, ice cubes, and sugar. 

"Here We know you must be craving for a FRNK signature craft milk drink, so here’s an easy recipe for #DarkCocoaMilk you can make at home. It may not be gluten-free or use our typical ingredients as well as keeping the calories low, but it tastes just as good!" FRNK said in a statement.

Here's the step-by-step guide on how to make their Dark Cocoa Milk, these are the ingredients that you'll need.

"Extra Tips: if you’re using raw or unsweetened cocoa, you may want to add a little sweetness and if you’re using already sweetened cocoa(ready-to-drink supermarket bought cocoa), you might want to reduce your sweetener. We used full cream milk for this recipe but if you prefer almond or non-fat milk, adjust your sweeteners accordingly."

          Source: FRNK Milkbar's / Facebook

How To Make It?

1. Make the cocoa drip sauce:

               Source: FRNK Milkbar's / Facebook

2. Be cool
            Source: FRNK Milkbar's / Facebook

3. Brush it up
               Source: FRNK Milkbar's / Facebook

4. Pour and Fill
             Source: FRNK Milkbar's / Facebook

When it done, snap a photo and chill!

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